Arizona Diving held their AAU District meet on March 20th and it was well attended.  The Y Westside Silver Fins of Litchfield Park hosted the divers and coaches for the day long series of events, which qualified 34 divers to the AAU National Championships in July.

A special “thank you” goes out to Kristin and Amanda Angelovic for their hard work running the scoring table and to Bill Hunter who ran this event so efficiently.

16-18 Boys – 1M                                               16-18 Girls -3M

K Froyd                YWSF                                    M Stocker           CDS

J Angelovic          YWSF                                    N McFarland      MAD

H Benson             SUND                                 T Hennessy         CDS

L Christensen      YWSF

B Faser                 YWSF                                   14-15 Boys -1M

                                                                                C Kov                     YWSF

16-18 Boys – 3M                                               J Kreshock           CDS

J Angelovic          YWSF                                    M Schwicker      CDS

L Christensen      YWSF

L Kov                    YWSF                                    14-15 Boys -3M

                                                                                M Schwickert     CDS

16-18     Girls – 1M                                           J Kreshock           CDS

M Stocker           CDS                                        C Kov                     YWSF

N McFarland       MAD

V Brewer             SUND                                    12-13 Girls- 1M

                                                                                K Coslow              CDS

14-15 Girls – 1M                                               N Kosec                CDS

B Woeslaw          YWSF                                    A Marquis           SUND

J McKinnon         SUND

                                                                                12-13 Girls 3M

14-15 Girls – 3M                                               K Coslow              CDS

B Woeslaw          YWSF                                    N Kosec                CDS

J McKinnon         SUND                                   A Marquis          SUND

12-13 Boys -1M                                                 11&U Boys- 1M

Mi Schwickert    CDS                                        T Lang                   YWSF

G Sprintz              MAD                                    R Huffman          CDS

R Hamann           CDS

                                                                                11 &U Boys- 3M

                                                                                T Lange                YWSF

                                                                                R Huffman           CDS

Complete results are on Clean Entries site.  Congratulations to all participants.  Arizona is proud of you!!