Hyun Chris

District Director for Taekwondo

AAU Taekwondo Dan Certification Program

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“The AAU Taekwondo Dan Program charter was to create a National Dan Certification that also unifies the Taekwondo community. AAU Taekwondo has always been inclusive of the WT, ITF, and TSD/MDK styles, and we recognize how that diversity strengthens our program. As the National Chair I am proud to announce the first major update to the Dan Program since AAU Taekwondo returned in 1992. Not only are we leveraging modern technology by going online with all processing, we are also taking a giant leap forward with individual Grand Masters having been selected to represent and shepherd our outreach in each discipline.  Whether you are looking for National Certification as an addition to a club/local certificate or if you are looking to connect with a community for personal advancement, we are here for you.”  Grand Master Bobby Stone, National Sports Chair – AAU Taekwondo.