Hello Divers, Coaches and Parents!  Arizona had a GREAT summer season this year… 4 of our teams (AZ Marlins, Clavadistos del Sol and Mesa Divers) sent divers to Nationals and one of our teams, The YMCA Silver Fins, had the biggest team with 8 participants this year.  Congratulations to Bill Hunter, Autumn Fotta and  Charly Collins for all their coaching and support of these fine athletes.


               BOYS 16  1-M     Blaise Faser         12th place            316.30pts             

               BOYS 16  3-M     Blaise Faser         14th place            313.50pts


               BOYS 17  1-M     John Angelovic     7th place           377.07pts

BOYS 17  3-M     John Angelovic     14th place          355.30pts

BOYS 17  TOW    John Angelovic     13th place          277.80pts


               BOYS 17  1-M     Lyndon Kov            17th place         304.30pts

BOYS 17  3-M     Lyndon Kov            23rd place        281.50pts

BOYS 17  TOW    Lyndon Kov            20th place        248.75pts


BOYS 11  1-M     Tanner Lange        3rd  place           160.80pts

BOYS 11  3-M     Tanner Lange        3rd  place           163.40pts

BOYS 11  TOW    Tanner Lange        2nd  place         112.80pts


BOYS 17 1-M SYN             Angelovic/Faser       7th place         136.60pts

BOYS 17 3-M SYN             Angelovic/Faser       5th place         205.20pts


GIRLS 15 1-M SYN            Woeslaw/Faser        9th place         138.36pts


               COLLEGE SHOWCASE      Blaise Faser         3rd place               221.05pts

                                                            Lyndon Kov         7th place               198.35pts


               BOYS 10  1-M     Benjamin Goodman         5th place               102.95pts


               BOYS 11 1-M      Ryan Huffman                   4th place               128.65pts


               GIRLS 16 1-M      Sharlotta Mozes               33rd place            270.70pts

                                             Kelly Miller                         53rd place            232.80pts

GIRLS 16 3-M      Sharlotta Mozes               25th place           288.45pts

                                             Kelly Miller                         52nd place          215.10pts


               GIRLS 13 1-M      Nora Koser                         7th place               205.40pts

                              Kaylee Costlow                 11th place            168.65pts


GIRLS 13 3-M      Nora Koser                         5th place               221.55pts

                              Kaylee Costlow                 12th place            176.50pts


GIRLS 17 3-M      Tatum Hennesy                 51st place             259.85pts           


GIRLS 17 1-M      Tatum Hennesy                 61st place             241.50pts



               GIRLS 14 1-M      Simmone Sabeeh              11th place            220.45pts


GIRLS 14 3-M      Simmone Sabeeh              11th  place           227.90pts



               GIRLS 15 1-M      Madelyn Nerada               7th place               271.80pts


               GIRLS 15 3-M      Madelyn Nerada               9th place               263.30pts



               BOYS 12 1-M      Gage Sprintz                      1st place               250.40pts


BOYS 12 3-M      Gage Sprintz                      3rd place             267.65pts