Hello Divers, Parents and Coaches!

Summer is back again and so is diving.  It’s been a pretty rocky year for our sport. While many pools have begun to open back up with covid protocols, the 3 state universities remain closed to our athletes…even those trying to train for the Tokyo Olympics!!!

AAU has been busy behind the scenes and have done outreach programs to get the area recreation departments ready for their traditional learn-to-dive programs. (This is how the majority of our families are introduced to the sport of diving in Arizona). The east valley is growing with another new team (relocation from ASU) under the leadership of Mark Briggs.  Yuma has created a new team, Southwest Diving, under the leadership of Taylor Poole.  Welcome to AAU!

The AAU Nationals will be held in West Virginia and many of our local divers will be attending.  Good luck to you all!  Keep us posted and we will pass along results as soon as we get them.

If all continues as it has started, high school diving should almost be back to 2019 participation levels. More west side high schools are encouraging their high school divers to train year round with  AAU teams and  AAU is going to be working with the Arizona Interscholastic Association to recruit more coaches for high schools.  If you know of anyone interested in becoming a high school diving coach, please contact me as soon as possible.

See you on the pool deck!