A healthy junior pickleball program recently has sprung up in Mesa, Arizona, and, thanks to the support of a passionate professional, young players now are gravitating to pickleball like roots gravitate to water.

Pickleball professional Ryan Trefry, himself a California transplant to Arizona, believes that with a little nurturing, organized competitive pickleball for junior players will take root in the desert — if these players are simply introduced to the fastest growing sport in America.

“It’s just a matter of reaching the kids and getting them on the court, because once they get on the court they love it,” said Ryan, a 5.0+ player who has accumulated more than 100 pickleball competition medals over the past four years.

In March of 2021, Ryan laid down the foundation for a new junior pickleball program by inviting Mesa K-12 students to participate in four USAPA-sponsored free junior clinics held in Mesa, AZ

Ryan believes that juniors need the same support that adult players receive in order to develop into confident pickleball players.

“The Legacy facility is perfect for my junior programming,” Ryan explained. “Not only will I have 41 courts, but I also will have access to some other amazing amenities which include an e-sports arena, soccer fields, indoor gyms, and a zip line that runs through the center of the park.”

Sports-loving juniors in the Mesa area will no doubt get excited about the after-school pickleball clinics, spring camps, summer camps, and private lessons coming to the Legacy facility.  But, according to Ryan, there will be more than just the sport of pickleball to attract their interest.

“Legacy will have a direct connection to the Mesa Schools, not only through pickleball but also through all of the other sports that are housed at Legacy. Legacy will be housing all major sports,” he said.

Legacy Sports USA will be running an event in partnership with AAU Pickleball.  The

Legacy Showcase powered by AAU is the 2nd leg of the Legacy Tournament Series, which will end 2022 with an end of year Championship.

Tournament Registration Starts: 9/15/21

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