A note from your Gymnastics District Director:

As you know it has been my mission and vision to help grow the AAU Arizona Gymnastics program so that our members can enjoy the many benefits of AAU Gymnastics. This includes having options for more quality competitive events. The growth has been slow and our competitions have not been as competitive as I had hoped they would be. I understand the need for competitive events where the athletes can experience healthy competition with teams and gymnasts other than their own teammates or just a few from other participating clubs.

In order to offer this type of opportunity to all of our amazing athletes, I have decided that hosting an AAU District Championship in Arizona is not in the best interest of our athletes or district this year. We do however, have a great opportunity to offer a quality competitive meet for our Arizona athletes and our District Championship will be held in conjunction with the Southern Pacific District Championship in Indian Wells, CA May 29-31 (you can find the event flyer here: https://azaau.com/gymnastics-events/ ). Athletes of all ages and levels, including boys are invited to compete! This competition is hosted by the Southern Pacific District, Debbie Capelotti and Debi Barta. Competition at the district championship will not be required this year in order to compete at nationals in Savannah, GA in June. However, I do hope all of you will attend and represent Arizona in this great competition.

It is still my mission and vision to grow the Arizona district so that we can host several invitationals and a district championship that will have enough membership to provide a great competitive opportunity to our members at a reasonable cost that does not entail as much travel.

I appeal to you because I need your involvement in order to make this happen. I cannot do it alone. I need each club to make a commitment to try and urge other clubs outside our AAU membership to give AAU a try. For those of you who are already members, I urge you to reach out to each other to work on scheduling meets together. We need to establish a community of clubs that can host small events which hopefully will lead us to be able to host larger events attracting teams from other areas like California and Nevada. I am open to any and all suggestions of how you think we might be able to accomplish this goal. I am here to support you as we grow and offer a wonderful competitive program to our Arizona AAU Athletes!

Thank you for your support! I hope that all of you who decide to attend the Southern Pacific/Arizona District Championship will have a wonderful time and do Arizona proud! I’ll see you there!


Dru Heffington

Arizona AAU Gymnastics District Director