Where you Begin Has Everything to Do with Where You Finish. The United States team brought home a total of twenty-five (25) medals at this year’s Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

Eight (8) of the athletes capturing an Olympic medal had played AAU when they were younger. Overall thirty-one (31) out of the 222 Team USA’s Winter Olympians are AAU alumni. 

Notable athletes include Chloe Kim who won gold in snowboarding (2015, AAU Trampoline & Tumbling), Jessie Diggins who won bronze in cross-country skiing (2003, AAU track & Field), and speed skater Brittany Bowe, a 86th AAU Sullivan Award finalist who unselfishly gave up her spot to eventual 500m winner, Erin Jackson, when she slipped during qualifying. Bowe competed in AAU Track & Field (2001) and Girls Basketball (2005) capturing a Bronze medal in the 1000m speed skating in 2022.